This project website shares information concerning how Malaysian youths and adults react to provocative news post in the social media. The research specifically identifies (i) patterns of reaction to provocative news in the social media such as Facebook and WhatsApp, and (ii) factors that explain the variation in how Malaysians react to provocative news. This study addresses an important issue because provocative news, as with other problematic social media contents (i.e., hateful speech and biased/misleading information) can polarize and divide the society. 

This research project “Understanding reaction to emotion-elicit provocative news among Malaysians” was conceived in response to a call for a proposal by FACEBOOK to researchers interested in exploring issues at the intersection of misinformation and polarization related to social communication technologies. UniversitiPutra Malaysia (UPM) is one of the recipients of the Integrity Foundational Research Grant. UPM and the project research team would like to express our gratitude to FACEBOOK for the research grant.

The research team envisions this website to grow beyond the reporting of the present research project. It is hoped that it will expand by reporting on future studies related on problematic content issue in the social media information ecosystem.