Integrity Academic Research Workshop 2019

An avenue for discussion and network establishment

Principal investigators of the Integrity Foundational Research grant met at the Integrity Academic Research Workshop hosted by Facebook in June 2019 at Menlo Park, California, USA. The aim of the workshop was for the grant recipients to present their research progress and network with one another. Misinformation and Polarization were key themes discussed at the workshop. The workshop consisted of 21 research presentations; 10 on the polarization issue and 11 on misinformation. Different aspects of misinformation and polarization were studied, applying various different methodological approaches. The workshop functioned as a useful platform that allowed for constructive criticism where presenters could learn from one another. The presenter from Malaysia, Prof. Dr. Ezhar Tamam was happy to share the progress and preliminary findings of his research entitled “Understanding Reaction to Emotion-elicit Provocative News among Malaysians”. The constructive comments received from fellow workshop participants will definitely be taken into consideration in the future phases of his research. The workshop wrapped up with discussions on concerns and future research directions to address the universal problem of misinformation and polarization confronting today’s digital societies.